《Project X Zone》割價85%!BANDAI真的成了「半呆」

Namco Bandai’s cross-over RPG Project X Zone has seen its price slashed by an incredible 85% by one Japanese retailer in what appears to be an effort to shift unsold stock.

在日本的一家電玩店裡,「半呆」(普)南宮夢的跨平台,跨種族,跨國界,跨世紀的穿越RPG大作《Project X Zone》,《穿越領域計劃(維基百科)》正在清倉,跳樓,放血大甩賣,狂降85%!

To make matters even more embarrassing, it would appear that the version of the game being discounted is the first-print limited edition box-set. These are usually expected to sell out quite close to release.


The game’s original retail price was 6,280 Yen (around $72 / £44), and it is now being sold for 980 Yen (around $11 / £7). It launched to a rather muted commercial reception back in October, and despite the lacklustre performance at Japanese tills there were glimmers of hope that a Western localisation might still happen.


It’s not totally off the cards yet, but the game’s fall from grace in Japan must be giving Namco Bandai second thoughts about ploughing more cash into a project it would probably rather forget about.


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