Here’s an interesting discovery: Nintendo has apparently region-locked the Wii U GamePad controller. Which means if you purchase a GamePad controller in Japan (which are sold separately at around $180), and try to connect it to your Wii U in the United States, it won’t work.

驚天大發現!任天堂的WiiU Pad竟然也鎖區!!!這意味著如果玩家從日本買的Pad,想連到美版主機上使用完全是痴人說夢。

Wii U consoles are region locked, and so are the games. It seems Nintendo went the extra step and region locked a controller. As far as we know, this would be the first time in history that a videogame controller is region locked.

眾所周知,WiiU的主機鎖區,然後遊戲也鎖區。現在看來任天堂又在鎖區的路上更近了一步;連Pad也鎖區了。就我們所知,任天堂的這個創舉在遊戲史上絕對是前無古人後無來者,念天地之悠悠 獨任飯而涕下。

Nintendo currently only sells the GamePad separately in Japan, but will start selling them individually in North America and Europe next year. There are currently no games that support two GamePads, nor are there any games that have been announced to support two GamePads.



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